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About Us

BuyNowPlaylist™ is owned and operated by James E. Tessier, who can be contacted via phone at (623)298-5034, or via email form .  Postal correspondences can be sent to James E. Tessier, BuyNowPlaylist, 2449 E. Brown Street, Phoenix, AZ,  85028.

BuyNowPlaylist™ was created as a spin-off of Surfview Entertainment®, which also controls Surfview Publishing™, Surfview Radio™ and Surfview Records™.  

The BuyNowPlaylist™ technology was developed by James E. Tessier to promote the music of  Surfview Publishing™ songwriters and to help meet the needs of cash-strapped Internet radio stations who require new sources of revenue.

BuyNowPlaylist™ hosts and maintains individual client's dynamically linked playlists, displaying "Buy Now" links next to the songs on the list.  These links, when clicked,  can do one of two things.  They can go directly to the client station's e-commerce site to sell the songs being played, or they can go to an Advanced Search Page, which displays which releases contain the specific song - with an additional "Buy Now" link to the affiliate's web site, to buy the CD.  The program can work with any associates/affiliate programs (such as those from Amazon, CDBaby or CDUniverse) or to the client's own e-commerce store.

Each  BuyNowPlaylist™ client's page is customized to look like their own station's web site.  We honor the aesthetics of the existing design. The resulting code is hosted on our own servers.  This makes it easy for us to maintain it.  And quite frankly, the program does back flips that most Internet radio stations can't do on their shared hosting accounts, due to restrictions placed on them by their hosting company.

BuyNowPlaylist™ in conjunction with Surfview Publishing™, offers a variety of ways for new clients to participate.  Look for a BuyNowPlaylist™ service plan that's right for you.


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