ID MajorGroup Territory 1to3MilRange 3to6MilRange 6to12milRange
1 Europe Germany $100K-$350K $300K-$700K $700K-$1.5M
2 Europe France $75K-$200K $200K-$400K $350K-$750K
3 Europe Italy $75K-$200K $200K-$400K $300-$700K
4 Europe Spain $50K-$125K $125K-$275K $275-$700K
5 Europe Scandinavia $50K-$200K $200K-$350K $350-$600K
6 Europe Netherlands $25K-$75K $75K-$125K $125K-$250K
7 Europe Portugal $10K-$20K $20K-$40K $40-$75K
8 Europe United Kingdom $75K-$250K $200K-$500K $500K-$1M
9 Europe Belgium Divided between France and the Netherlands

10 Europe Austria Sold with Germany

11 Europe Switzerland Divided evenly among Germany, France and Italy

12 Australasia Australia/New Zealand $50K-$100K $100K-$300K $300K-$600K
13 Australasia Hong Kong $7.5K-$30K $30K-$60K $60K-$125K
14 Australasia Japan $75K-$350K $300K-$700K $700K-$1.5M
15 Australasia Korea $50K-$350K $300K-$750K $700K-$1.5M
16 Australasia Malaysia $10K-$30K $30K-$60K $60K-$90K
17 Australasia Singapore $15K-$45K $45K-$75K $75K-$250K
18 Australasia Taiwan $10K-$50K $50K-$90K $90K-$250K
19 Australasia Thailand $10K-$30K $30K-$60K $60K-$90K
20 Australasia Philippines $10K-$30K $30K-$60K $60K-$90K
21 Latin America Argentina--Paraguay-Uruguay $15K-$40K $40K-$90K $75K-$150K
22 Latin America Bolivia-Peru-Ecuador $5K-$20K $20K-$35K $35K-$60K
23 Latin America Brazil $15K-$75K $50K-$150K $100K-$300K
24 Latin America Chile $10K-$25K $25K-$50K $50K-$75K
25 Latin America Columbia $5K-$15K $15K-$30K $30K-$50K
26 Latin America Mexico $15K-$40K $40K-$75K $75K-$125K
27 Latin America Venezuela $5K-$20K $20K-$50K $50K-$75K
28 Eastern Europe Czech Republic-Slovakia $5K-$15K $10K-$25K $25K-$50K
29 Eastern Europe Former Yugoslovia $5K-$10K $10K-$25K $25K-$50K
30 Eastern Europe Hungary $5K-$15K $10K-$30K $25K-$75K
31 Eastern Europe Poland $5K-$10K $10K-$25K $25K-$75K
32 Eastern Europe Russia $10K-$25K $25K-$40K $40K-$125K
33 Other Israel $5K-$20K $15K-$35K $30K-$60K
34 Other Middle East $5K-$20K $20K-$35K $35K-$50K
35 Other South Africa $10K-$25K $25K-$75K $75-$150K
36 Other Turkey $10K-$25K $25K-$50K $50K-$100K

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