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Producer Resource
International Documentary Association
1201 West 5th Street, Suite M320
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Tel. (213) 534-3600
Fax. (213) 534-3610

Web. www.documentary.org
Email. info@documentary.org

Office Manager: Sarah Pattison 
at (213) 534-3600 ext. 7446 or 
via email at sarah@documentary.org.

"Devoted to promoting nonfiction film and video, IDA arranges screenings and hosts seminars with industry reps throughout the year. IDA publishes a monthly magazine, International Documentary, as well as contact laden membership directory. The annual IDA Awards will be he held in November; a separate student awards program offers $1,000 prize annually. Fiscal sponsorships for certain projects may be accessed through the IDA."
- Compiled by Sharon Swart for THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, August, 1996

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