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Letter from the Editor
# 001
Welcome New Buyers & Sellers!

The Surfview Entertainment Web site is open to all buyers. Especially new buyers. Call them saints or angels, their infusion of capital into the independent film market allows producers to produce and studios to concentrate on marketing and distribution.

The majors' growing business will be to pick up next year's "Spitfire Grill" or "The Brothers McMullen".

With more independents funded, the studio distributors will have a bigger selection to pick from. Of course, there are no guarantees that any of these new independently funded productions will be a hit. After all, who knows what will sell? "No one knows anything", says the legendary William Goldman, writer of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", in his book "Adventures in the Screen Trade." And he's right.

Look at those major distributor flops. A miss is just a miss. Unless you bet the studio on it. With the cost of their movies rising to astronomical heights, an independent can make a film for less and it can be picked up for a reasonable price after it's "in the can", fresh out of a festival screening.

If the major doesn't like it, there's no financial exposure. If they do, the independent producer gets an acceptable offer and everyone's happy.

Competition need not be burdonsome for quality-conscious fimmakers. Along with steady video rentals & sell-thru, and a healthy theatrical, the expanding broadcast markets will absorb the new independently financed product.

There will be an upcoming Renaissance for independent producers.

Participate. If you are an independent producer or you do business with some, get your Web ad established with Surfview Entertainment today.

If yours has graphics or multimedia elements, it will stand out over those with just a database listing.

Do it today. The new Renaissance needs you.

James E. Tessier

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