"Mystery of the Mitchell Ghost Bomber"
An Independent Film Production (thriller)

Rik Billok
Shooting in Pittsburgh



On January 31st, 1956 at approximately 4:09 p.m. an Air Force B-25 Mitchell Bomber, on a cross country flight from Nellis Air Force Base (AREA 51) in Nevada to Washington, D.C., mysteriously lost power and ditched into the dark waters of the Monongahela River within the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...and disappeared without a trace. Out of the 6 official crewmembers, two drowned and four survived. Yet, who was the mysterious 7th man pulled from the river?

Now you can follow the true-life adventures of investigator Robert Johns as he encounters: official stonewalling, governmental harrassment and cover-up, a Deep Throat agent, death threats, attempts on his life... LOVE... Redemption... mysterious cargo, THE 7TH MAN, missing time, and a twisted trail of facts and conspiracy that leads from the enigmatic AREA 51 to the power centers of Washington, D.C. itself... and perhaps BEYOND.

Did the U.S. government covertly extract the bomber and its mysterious contents under the cover of night? Or is there a deadly secret lying at the bottom of a river...and can Robert Johns beat a ticking time bomb and save a City?


Producer: Ray Duquesne
Director/Screenwriter: Ray Duquesne
Line Producer: Diane Osberg
Director of Photography:   Jack Anderson
AD:   Annie Loeffler
1st A.D.:   Hugh Rawson
Costumes:   Lisa Marie Bruno
Picture Car Coordinator : Gene Michael Makrancy
Stunts:   Stunt Predators U.S.A.

Ray Duquesne - Writer/Director studied filmmaking/communications/screenwriting at Penn State University and through membership in AFI. Member of Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Boardmember of the Pittsburgh Filmworkers Association. Hosted/produced own show on local cable tv for 3 yrs. Worked on films: "DARROW," "SILENCE OF THE LAMBS," "BOB ROBERTS," " SUDDEN DEATH," "DESPERATE MEASURES," "A PROMISE KEPT: THE OKSANA BAIUL STORY," etc.

1st A.D.: Hugh Rawson (is available.) He was 1st A.D. on features "BUM RAP","TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE," "EXTERMINATOR II"," and was 2nd A.D. on features "CROCKODILE DUNDEE II," "MARIA'S LOVERS."

Director of Photography: Jack Anderson (is available.) He has shot additional photography of features such as "HOOK," "NOISES OFF," "PRETTY WOMAN" and "BIRD." He has been the sole D.P. on a number of straight-to-video and cable projects, commercials,promos, and rock videos. Some additional operator credits are "SHOWGIRLS," "BARFLY," "THE ROOKIE" and "JAWS:THE REVENGE." He recently completed his 4th season on TV's "Mad About You" as well as "News Radio". Directors he has worked with include: Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, Paul Verhoeven, David Lynch, Clint Eastwood, James Brooks, Garry Marshall, Lawrence Kasdan, Peter Bogdanovich, Willian Friedkin and Robert Altman.

Line Producer: Diana Osberg - has over 30 yrs exp. in entertainment industry as producer, director, writer, actress. She was Producer & Co-writer for the Midnite Entertainment feature film, "DOG EAT DOG", and is currently Line Producer on Burghmen Productions' "WICKED MAN". Other credits include 2nd 2nd A.D. for "BACKSTREET JUSTUS", Second Unit A.D. & Coordinator for the syndicated TV series "SIRENS" and Line Producer for New Ray Films' feature "THE JOURNEY". She has also worked on the crews of "DIABOLIQUE","SUDDEN DEATH","THE PIANO LESSON", "ROOMMATES","A PROMISE KEPT:THE OKSANA BAIUL STORY" and others. Ms. Osberg studied screenwriting with JANET ROACH (PRIZZI'S HONOR). She is a former Boardmember of the Pittsburgh Filmworkers Association.

Picture Car Coordinator, Gene Michael Makrancy is Vice President of the Pittsburgh Filmworkers Association.

He has been President for 15 yrs of the National Antique Auto Car Club and is a member of over 20 car clubs. He is co-author of 4 published books on automobiles and has written numerous articles for trade magazines in Australia, Canada and the United States. He has won the Golden Quill Award for automobile journalism five times. He has also won Writer of the Year 5 times for automobile journalism. He is President/Founder of CAR CASTING, a business which serves as a source for agencies and producers.

He has worked a picture car coordinator on films "DIABOLIQUE", "DOG EAT DOG" and Hallmark Hall of Fame's "THE PIANO LESSON". He has been auto wrangler on films "SUDDEN DEATH"-Van Damme, "BREATHING LESSONS"-James Garner, Joanne Woodward in charge of driving crew on tv show "SIRENS" and Picture car coordinator for "YOUNG & THE RESTLESS" soap.

He has been instrumental in getting the National Car Club- local regions- to back this film by participating in the recreation of 1956-80 events.
Also of interest: We have available 2 vintage B-25 Mitchell Bombers for this film, courtesy of THE CONFEDERATE AIR FORCE in Michigan/Pittsburgh, plus an assortment of other vintage aircraft for background!

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