"Generate money from your Internet radio station."


Generate Money From Your
Internet Radio Station

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Selling Music Off Their Playlists

BuyNowPlaylist™  makes it easy for you to make money from your station's live playlist.

With "Buy Now" links next to the songs on your playlist, you can earn commissions from associate programs like that from Amazon, CDBaby or CDUniverse - or you can sell your own products by routing customers to your e-commerce store. Or you can do a combination of these features.

Your listeners will love the Advanced Search Results and the easy way for them to buy what they hear on your station. They can support your station and the artists they hear -- all at the same time!

Your earnings from the business generated will dwarf your ongoing investment.

Your participation requires no technical expertise.  We host your version and maintain it for a nominal fee.  



The Buy-Now-Playlist ™ ---  we love it at RadioFreePhoenix.com. Since implementing it, we have tripled our CD sales commission with Amazon.com. Not only that, but it's a great reference tool for finding what CD a song is on and what year it came out. It's like a huge Rock Encyclopedia! It's an excellent addition to any web site and customizable. It even directs visitors to CD's we sell directly at RFP and also for those artists that only have their music for sale on CDbaby.com. And the hits just keep on coming...

Andy Olson - RadioFreePhoenix.com

Deep Oldies' version of the BuyNowPlaylist™ is adapted from the look-and-feel of the Deep Oldies™   web site at DeepOldies.com, a donation-sponsored Internet radio station playing deep cuts from the 50's, 60's and 70's.  Listeners buying from their playlist generate commissions for the station. 

Radio Free Phoenix's  version of the BuyNowPlaylist™  has the Advanced Search Results and the ability for their station to route customers to their own e-commerce site for specific songs, selling the CDs of  Jerry Riopelle, Wallace & Ladmo, Mike Condello & the Salt River Navy Band, P-nut Butter and The Vibrators and some regional favorites like Hubb Kapp and the Wheels.  Radio Free Phoenix also routes to CDBaby for select artists.

Surfview Radio's simple version of the BuyNowPlaylist™ is for a music publisher's station that uses only its own e-commerce links with no Advanced Search Results (since Surfview Radio plays only songs that it represents).

Customized to Fit Your Style

Add your station's version of the BuyNowPlaylist™ to this growing list.  We have a BuyNowPlaylist™ service plan for almost any station's needs.  We customize your version of the  BuyNowPlaylist™ to match the look of your current playlist.


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